Thursday, Sept. 21 I AM GOD: The SAVIOUR


We're continuing our series this week called I AM GOD. In church we talk a whole lot about God but sometimes we take for granted WHO we are actually talking about. In this 3 part series we're going to learn a bit more about the different attributes of God. 

Week 2 (Sept 21) - I AM GOD the SAVIOUR

God is our Saviour - we call him Jesus. Jesus came to this broken and pain filled world to save us from sin and death. He lived through life the way none of us could - perfect, and sinless. Then He took our sin and He carried it all the way to death on the cross. When we understand God as saviour we begin to understand that our relationship with God is personal. He created us and loves us so much that God himself gave up his life so that we could live with him forever. 

This week we'll read a few passages that show God as our saviour and then we're going to play saviour ourselves when we try and break one of our own out of captivity... or maybe just the jungle gym. That's right - we're building a kid's escape room.  

Scripture used this week: