Thursday, October 5 - I AM GOD: The FATHER


We're continuing our series this week called I AM GOD. In church we talk a whole lot about God but sometimes we take for granted WHO we are actually talking about. In this 3 part series we're going to learn a bit more about the different attributes of God. 

Week 3 (Oct 5) - I AM GOD the FATHER

When we understand God as our father, or as a parent we begin to understand how he sees us. We are children - we are messy, we are flawed, we talk to much, we fight for attention and we make the same mistakes again and again. But God doesn't look at us with disdain or disgust. 

No, instead God looks at us and calls us beloved. He looks at our messy lives and he brings clarity and order to them. He sees our flaws and sees opportunity to grow, He hears our stories and He sees our lives and he rejoices with us in the little wins, and he weeps with us when we are hurting. God our father loves us with grace we can never understand and we can never earn. He will never stop seeking us, He will never leave us forsaken or alone.

When we understand God as father we see all of the good gifts that He gives to us - acceptance, talents, personality, community, love. This week we'll unwrap some of these good gifts as we begin to see what it means to have a heavenly father.  

Scripture used this week: