Kids Club: Kindness Deserves A Replay Wk3


Last week we learned that we need to be kind to our friends & family,  this week we're adding to the list of kindness recipients - people who are overlooked. Hmmm, I wonder what that means? Come join me this week to find out!

  • Scripture: Matthew 25:35-40
  • Life Application: Kindness - showing others they are valuable by how you treat them


In Matthew 25:35-40, we’ll revisit one of Jesus’ teachings on kindness. For one reason or another, people are overlooked every day—no one even notices them, much less shows kindness to them. But Jesus says that when we show kindness to one of the least of these, it’s as if we’re showing kindness to  Him. We hope to discover how they can show kindness to people who are overlooked in their world.

Bottom Line: Be kind to people who are overlooked.

Everyone deserves to be treated like they’re valuable, no matter who they are. We hope
kids start to see people who have needs and work with the adults in their life to show kindness and meet those needs.

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