Kids Club will Return in the New Year!

kids club holiday break.jpg

We're taking a break and so should you! The holiday season is in full swing and we want you to spend more time as a family. Need a little creative push? We've put together a list of 30 activities you can do as a family for the next few weeks while Kids Club is on break. Check it out...

30 Activities You Can Try as a Family: 

1. Go Ice Skating
2. Go Toboganning or Tubing
3. Create a Winter Scavenger Hunt
4. Wrap Christmas Presents
5. Build a Snowman
6. Make your own Advent Calendar
7. Write a Letter to Santa
8. Serve a Neighbour
9. Have a game night
10. Build a fort
11. Bake cookies
12. Build a Gingerbread house
13. Have a movie marathon
14. Go on a Christmas Lights tour
15. Take turns reading stories
16. Make New Years Resolutions
17. Make dinner together
18. Play Charades
19. Make your own ugly Christmas sweaters
20. Have a kareoke night
21. Go bowling
22. Surprise your grandparents for dinner
23. Start a scrap book
24. Do a secret santa with items at home
25. Visit the museum
27. Camp out in the family room
28. Doate towels/blankets to the humane society
29. Have a photo shoot
30. Have a dress up dinner party