Kids Club: Being Content Wk 4


This month we will be learning about a contentment, which is deciding to be okay with what you have. God wants us to be content because He knows that it is the best way for us to live.

Our memory verse this month is Luke 12:15 - “Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against wanting to have more and more things. Life is not made up of how much a person has.” This verse will remind us that things will never truly satisfy us, but that God can help us be okay no matter what.

This week, we will be looking at how the Israelites missed out on what they had on their way to the promise land because they were focused on what they had when they were slaves in Egypt. We can sometimes miss out on what we have now because we are focused on what we had or what we want to have. Join us as we explore how contentment can keep us from missing out on what we have now.

This week’s Bottom Line is Don’t miss out on what you have now. Whether we have more or less now then we have had in the past, we can miss out on enjoying the present if we do not learn how to be content.

See you Thursday!

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