Kids Club: Individuality - Week 4


This month we will be learning about the connection between individuality and God’s character, as shown through God’s story. One the one hand, people all over the world are similar. On the other hand, each person is unique. Join us as we discover who we are meant to be.

Our memory verse this month is Psalm 139:14 - “How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that. What you have done is wonderful. I know that very well.’” This verse will encourage us to remember that we are God’s creation, and that He has made us for a reason.

This week, we head to 1 Samuel 16 and discover more about the time when God used Samuel to anoint David as the next king of Israel. As the youngest of Jesse’s sons, David was the least likely to be crowned king. Yet God helped Samuel discover that the true worth is not what we see on the outside but who we are on the inside.

Bottom Line: God wants me to see what really matters. As we learn more about how God sees us it teaches us how to see ourselves and it can change the way we see others. We pray that kids start to understand that God wants us to see others how He sees them and treat everyone like they matter.

See you Thursday!

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