Kids Club: Showing Initiative Wk 3


Our memory verse this month is all about taking initiative - in everything thing we do! Whether we’re on the game field, the play ground, in the classroom or at home in our bedrooms there are always jobs that need to be done. Maybe it’s a mountain of laundry or homework, maybe is a phone call we’ve been putting off, or maybe it’s getting up the courage to apologize to someone we’ve wronged. God is always with us and He is always providing us with opportunities to take initiative to ACT when we see that something needs to be done.

But taking initiative - saying YES - is only half of it. We’ve got to stick with it and see the job through. Sometimes after we’ve decided to get to work on a ‘dirty' job’ we’re tempted to quit half way, or we get distracted by friends or more attractive activities. We can learn from Nehemiah’s example when he said “NO” to distractions and refused to leave the important work he was doing.

This week we’ll recall our Bible Memory Verse from Colossians 3:23A - Work at everything you do with all your heart. Work as if you were working for the Lord. No matter where we are this week we will face opportunities to be lazy or to take initiative like Nehemiah. When we choose to say “Yes” we’ve made a great first step, the next step is to remember that everything we do we do for the Lord and we need to stick it out until the job is complete.

How will each of us respond this week?

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