Kids Club: Work It Out Week 2

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January 25 Work It Out.jpg

It's week #2 of our series Work It Out where we are committed to strengthening our faith this year. Last week we talked about HEARING and DOING what God says. This week we're talking about prayer.

  • Week Two: Practice praying to God
  • Scripture: Luke 11:1-4
  • Life Application: Commitment - Making a plan and putting it into practice


In Luke 11:1-4, we find Jesus’s disciples asking Him how to pray. Jesus responds with a prayer that serves as the perfect model for how we can talk to God.

We can pray with gratitude and honesty, pray for our needs, and for forgiveness. It’s a comfort to know that we can pray knowing that God knows us and wants to hear from us.

Bottom Line: Practice praying to God. You can pray anytime, anywhere because God is always
listening. We hope kids will understand more about this faith skill: PRAYER, and find that talking to God is an important part of growing in their faith.

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