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Our Goal: To raise funds through the sponsorship of “acts of service”. Sponsorship funds will then be used to purchase toys and items from the Family and Children's Services wish list. Our goal is to raise enough to support 10 kids from FACS, or approx. $750. Kids and teens SERVE, the congregation GIVES, and the community is LOVED. Together we can DO IT!



SERVE BIG - How it works:

Your Kids & teens will “sign-up” to do acts of service work for others.

Some service examples:

  • Rake leaves
  • Tidy up after dinner
  • Take out the garbage
  • Read to a younger sibling
  • Clean a room
  • Walk a neighbour’s dog
  • Drive siblings to practice
  • ...activities based on skill level and age

Each participant will have a activity tracking booklet to record their activities each week.

Sticker for our wall

Sticker for our wall

Throughout the months of October and November kids will complete these service activities as they work towards the end goal.

 Every Sunday we will celebrate the service completed in a visual way.

For example: Aaron washes dishes for an entire week at home, Molly serves by walking her elderly neighbour's dog for a total of 2 hours, Grace volunteers to help her teacher clean up the classrooms after school. On Sunday each child will show their act of service completed by posting an "I served this week" sticker to our group wall. Each week we will watch the wall grow and grow. Each act of service will get 1 sticker - so if Molly serves by walking her neighbour's dog, AND she also spends her Saturday raking leaves she will put up 2 stickers on the wall. 

As your family gets involved document your activities with pictures and videos and share them with us through email and via social media with the hashtag #ServeBig

GIVE BIG - How it works:

Through October and November members of the congregation will be encouraged to sponsor our kids and teens as they complete acts of service. All of the money collected will go into a general pot rather than having any child sponsored individually. We want EVERYONE to feel encouraged and promote this as a team effort. Shhhh… The kids won't know how much money has come in, rather they will continue to work with their hands and feet.

Parents please DO NOT FEEL pressured to sponsor your kids – your job is to ENCOURAGE THEIR SERVICE. If you like, you can invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours or work friends to sponsor.

LOVE BIG – How it works:

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On November 26th we will see how far we've come … we'll celebrate how many accumulated hours of service we've completed and we'll have a grand reveal of how much the congregation donated towards our efforts! We will celebrate all of the service that we did over the past 2 months with treats, and photos and videos of what was done. In our small groups we will go through wish lists from Family & Children's Services and the Toys R Us catalog so each group can pick out a few toys that they would like to gift to kids their age in our community. In the week of November 27 - December 1st a small group of leaders will go out and use the money raised to purchase these toys and bring them back to the church

On December3rd we will pray over the toys and gifts that will go to Family and Children's Services KW.

I hope that your family will jump into this mission project with us with both hands and both feet ready to serve.



1.       DON’T WORRY about all of the dollar figures listed in the hand out. We want to encourage kids to serve in their own capacity and in their own context and this means kids will have unique serving projects … we want to keep things fair and calculating $$ amounts to match with service will be a logistical nightmare for everyone. So please don’t worry about calculating amounts or matching dollar figures or trying to come up with your own system.

Instead, just write down WHAT your child did on the tracking sheet, the number of minutes/seconds/hours it took this week, where they did it, and the date.

On Sundays bring the sheet to class and for each LINE filled out your child will get 1 sticker to fill out showing the service they completed.


  • Aaron does all of the dishes for an entire week at home – Aaron gets one sticker to add to the wall
  • Grace volunteers to help her teacher clean up the classrooms after school – Grace gets one sticker to add to the wall
  • Molly serves by walking her neighbour's dog, AND she also spends her Saturday raking leaves for her grandmother – Molly gets to add 2 stickers on the wall because these are two DIFFERENT acts of service.


2.       Sponsoring – we’ve asked the congregation to sponsor the kids as they serve. However, these funds will be collected separately from the acts of service. This way at the end of the November we will celebrate how many different acts of service we completed as a group (and the hours accumulated). Then, we will use WHAT EVER funds are brought in to support Family & Children Services. This will keep things simple, easy to see, and it’s a win-win for everyone in the end.


3.       This project was created to get kids serving and understanding what it means to serve – doing something for someone without getting anything in return. Serving is different than just completing your chores on time. But because every home is different, what might be a chore for one child (taking out the garbage for example) might be an act of service for another child.  We will leave it up to your discretion what will be recorded as service on your child’s tracking sheet. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to call of email me.