Sunday, November 26th - Serve BIG Party

For 2 months we've been talking about the importance of serving others. We learned that following Jesus is all about putting others first and looking after their needs ahead of our own. 

We are so proud of all of the service activities you've been a part of over the last 2 months and we want to celebrate all of your efforts! This Sunday we're going to celebrate your hard work with a Sunday school party. 

The congregation was so inspired by your efforts that they gave towards our fundraising efforts. We have $800 to spend on new toys and wish list items for kids in our community!

Games, treats, music and fun! 

Next Steps:

1. SEND IN YOUR PICTURES! If you have pictures of your children SERVING BIG this month (or even just this week) send them to Lauren ASAP. We want to celebrate their hard work with a photo slide show and we need your pictures