Sunday, November 5th - The Parable of the Talents

In October we learned that the two greatest commandments we should follow every day are LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS. This week we're going to start learning HOW to Love God and Others.

This is a story that Jesus shared with his followers to teach them a lesson. We'll learn that our talents and skills are what make us special  - they set up apart in a crowd and we should celebrate and USE our talents. But more importantly we should use our skills and talents to LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS. When we do this we honour God and we glorify him here on earth.

We can glorify God when we use our talents to praise and worship him (through song, art, poetry, and dance) and we can also glorify God when we use our talents to help other people. When we share our talents with friends, neighbours, and even strangers for THEIR benefit then we are using our talents to glorify God! 

Great a math? Volunteer to help someone else in class

Great baker? Make goodies for the homeless shelter

Are you social? Encourage your friends to get together to participate in a local mission initiative

Dancer? Start a praise dance group to participate in the worship service

Obsessed with social media? Volunteer to tutor a few older church members on how to use Facebook or Instagram to connect with their grandkids

Love to decorate? Ask a few neighbours if you can help put up their Christmas tree

Athletic? Watch for new kids who might be left of our fun and games. Be a leader and invite them into your circle of friends

Next Steps:

1. Read through the parable of the talents this week at dinner. Talk about what talents YOU see in your kids. Then ask them to share what talents THEY see in you! Thank God for His creativity in gifting us with our skills and talents.  (Matthew 25:14-30)

2. Consider some new and creative ways that your family can serve others with your skills and talents this week.