Sunday, January 21st - Meet the Disciples

january 21 disciples.jpg

Early on in his ministry, Jesus called men and women to follow him in his ministry. But there was a special group of 12 men who got a back stage pass to all of it. These 12 men saw him preach, they witnessed him preform miracles and they got to know his heart in an incredibly personal way. The 12 disciples were just a bunch of regular guys who had questions and doubts. They made mistakes, and they didn't always walk in faith. They were far from perfect. But the disciples served as an incredible example of what it means to follow Jesus - even 2000 years later.

For the next two weeks in Sunday school we are going to meet the 12 disciples. We'll get to know their names and their stories and we will begin to see our own stories through them. When we begin to identify with the original 12 disciples we can begin to see our own identity as a follower of Christ.

Over the next two Sundays we are going to meet:

  • James (son of Alphaeus)
  • Thaddaeus (also called Jude or Judas)
  • Phillip 
  • Barthalemew (also called Nathanael)
  • Peter 
  • Andrew
  • James (son of Zebedee)
  • John
  • Thomas (also called Didymus)
  • Simon
  • Matthew (also called Levi)
  • Judas (the one who betrayed Jesus)

Next Steps: Parents and grandparents, consider your own identity as a follower of Christ. How does your role as a disciple (or follower of Jesus) impact your judgement, your language, your style of parenting or your relationships with others. Think about these questions, and then share some of your insights with your children. Your children will begin to see themselves as modern day disciples when they can see modern day examples in their own lives that they can emulate.