Sunday, January 28th - I Can Be a Disciple

january 21 disciples.jpg

Early on in his ministry, Jesus called men and women to follow him in his ministry. But there was a special group of 12 men who got a back stage pass to all of it. These 12 men saw him preach, they witnessed him preform miracles and they got to know his heart in an incredibly personal way. The 12 disciples were just a bunch of regular guys who had questions and doubts. They made mistakes, and they didn't always walk in faith. They were far from perfect. But the disciples served as an incredible example of what it meant to follow Jesus - even 2000 years later.

This past Sunday we got a brief intro to a few of the original 12 disciple. This week we'll finish up our trading cards activity and we'll talk a bit about what it means to actually BE a disciple in 2018. 

Check our this recap video and see how the story of Jesus' ministry fits together

Next Steps: The original 12 disciples had the benefit of walking around with Jesus. When they had a question they could ask it to his face. We don't have the same in-the-flesh experience with Jesus today, but we can still follow him by reading the Bible and emulating how he lived and what he taught. The Bible is our instruction manual, but it does us no good if it stays on the shelf. Bring God's word into your family's regular rhythm this week. Why not start with the book of James - it's full of wisdom and instruction for every day life.