Sunday, February 18th - God Kept His Promise to Noah

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This Sunday we are starting a series with kids all about God's Promises. We're starting things off back in the Old Testament with the story of Noah's Ark.

Scripture this weekGenesis 9:8-17

"So God said to Noah, “The rainbow is the sign of my covenant. I have made my covenant between me and all life on earth.”

Today’s Bible story is about Noah and the ark. By the time Noah lived—10 generations after Adam—people had stopped following God. In fact, Scripture describes the terrible situation: “Man’s wickedness was widespread on the earth … every scheme his mind thought of was nothing but evil all the time” (Gen. 6:5). God was right to punish this sin. He decided to send a flood to cover the earth and destroy everything. God graciously chose to save one man and his family, so he warned Noah about the flood and told him to build an ark.

Help us tell the story by bringing your favourite stuffed animal to Sunday school this week!

Help us tell the story by bringing your favourite stuffed animal to Sunday school this week!

When the ark was complete, God’s judgment did come. The floodwaters covered the earth. Every living thing was destroyed, but Noah and his family were safe inside the ark. God rescued Noah’s family—the family His own Son would be born into. Jesus would warn of God’s coming judgment too, but instead of condemning the world, Jesus would give up His life to rescue sinners. 

God's promise to Noah was that he would never flood the earth again. He was also setting the stage for new promises like the one he would make to Abraham, and the one he would make to the whole earth when his son Jesus was born. Sometimes we have to wait for God's promises, but we can have faith that no matter how big, or small the promise when God makes a promise he keeps it!

Next Steps: Take 6 minutes to watch this video bout what a covenant is and what it's so important to our understanding of the entire Bible story (God's relationship with humanity). As you begin to build your understanding of the Bible (and the themes that run from story to story) you will find it easier to pass these stories and their meaning on to your children.