Sunday, June 11th - Going Through the Gates


So many grads!
A great big congratulations goes out to all of our mini-grads who participated in Going Through the Gates this Sunday. If we missed you this Sunday, no worries just talk to Lauren and we'll get your Bible to you very soon. 

A Great Big Thank You
On Sunday morning we recognized four very special ladies in our Christian Ed Department. Donna Hodgkinson, Linda Keithlin, Sandra Wall, and Jennie Kalbfleisch as the retire from our Beginner's department this Spring. Together, these women have dedicated thousands of hours to teaching our children the stories of the Bible, singing silly songs, making crafts, and showing them God's unconditional love and grace. We are so thankful for all of the time, and love they've given to the youngest members of our church family over all of these years :) 

Next Steps

Meet Your New Bible - children going into preschool, grade 1, grade 3, and grade 5 all received a new age appropriate Bible to take home. These Bibles are meant to be used, written in, read aloud, and as a family. Take some time this week to check out the new Bible. 

  • Find the Index
  • Find your favourite story or verse
  • What do some of the pictures in your Bible show?
  • What are some of the extra included?
  • Decide how you will use the Bible going forward

One way to start using your Bible more regularly is to start a reading plan. A reading plan is a simple list of Bible passages that are grouped in a way to teach you something about God, the history of scripture, or another topic of study. Here are a few Bible Reading Plans you can try using this month, or through the summer. When you've picked a plan that works for you check out this post about how to effectively read your Bible as a family. You can check out one of these plans below, or follow a reading plan listed in the back portion of your new Bible. 

Reading Plans

The Gospel of Luke in 51 Days

The Gospel of John through the Summer

Miracles of Jesus in 30 Days

I Am Never Alone Reading Challenge