Sunday, June 26th - FIDGET SPINNERS!

It's  our last Sunday school lesson of the year and I thought why not finish the year strong with tones of fun + a really important lesson. This week I'm inviting you to bring your fidget spinners to class because we're going to use them to demonstrate a really powerful lesson about the trinity. The trinity is how we understand God. God is the father, God is the son, and God is the Holy Spirit. It's easy for us to understand God as one part at one time, but did you know that God is actually ALL THREE of these things at once? Now THAT can be a tricky concept. 
Hopefully our fidget spinner lesson can help you put a new SPIN on this concept ;)

Next Steps:

1. Ask your child what they know about the different parts of God. What are some questions they have? Share some of the big questions YOU have about God too. When you share your unanswered questions, or even doubts with your child it shows them that it's okay to not always have the answers. God can be a mystery and this whole faith thing can be really complicated sometimes. 

2. Have a fidget spinner spin-off. See who can get the fidget spinner going the fastest or last for the longest.