Sunday, July 23rd - We Can Talk to God (Cell Phones)

Very few of us travel very far off the beaten path without taking a cell phone with us. We bring a phone for directions, information, emergency contacts and sometimes just entertainment. When we've lost our map, or we've gotten ourselves completely lost in the woods we can pull out our smart phone and pin point exactly where we are and ask the GPS to help us out. And cell phones connect us to one another when we need advice, or just someone to talk to. Two weeks ago we talked about the Bible as our Map - it gives us timeless direction for how we should live our lives here on earth. This week week we'll use the image of a cell phone to talk about how prayer keeps us connected to God and it helps us figure out exactly where we are on the journey. Even if we get lost along the way God is always in connection with us - all we have to do is pray!

Next Steps: 

1. Pick a time to pray this week and start simple with this PRAYER LIB. Fill in the blanks and then read the prayer out loud. Now that wasn't so hard was it? Try to pray this prayer aloud a few times this week.

2. Pick an object at home - any object at all - it can been an old clock, a dining room chair, the fridge, or your pillow. Every time you see that object this summer think of ONE THING you can thank God for. God thank you for...