Sunday, August 27th - The Bible is FULL of Family Memories

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We read a lot of Bible stories at church. We know about Adam & Eve, and about the time God flooded the earth, we've met Jacob's twelve sons, and the little shepherd by that took down a giant.

We know these stories.

But sometime we miss the fact that these are OUR stories.

The Bible is kind of like an old family album. You know, the kind you pull out when you want to get nostalgic, or you want to prove to your kids that in fact you were cool at one time... Albums allow us to relive our stories, and they also give us pathways to the people who went before us. They show where our family has been, and where we came from. 

The Bible does the same thing. The stories in Genesis through Revelation tell about the people who went before us, who got to know God throughout history. When we read these stories we're not just learning valuable life lessons, we're reading about our ancestors, the people who brought us to where we are today. 

Moses, Samuel, Daniel, Nehemiah, Ruth, Amos

These aren't just characters in a fairy tale, they are God's chosen people set apart for a special role to play in God's big story. When our kids learn to see their roots in these stories they begin to see where they might fit in God's story too. 

Next Steps:

1. Read the story of Jonah, Esther, Ruth or Nehemiah this week as a family - maybe do it around a camp fire, or in the back yard. Take a minute to consider who the people in the story are. Consider what it would be like if they were alive today as a great aunt or uncle telling you their story first hand. How does your connection to the story change?

2. Are you a movie family? Rent or stream a Bible narrative like Prince of Egypt, Noah, Exodus God's & Kings, The Nativity Story or another option. Make some pop corn, and grab a bag of M&Ms. After the movie, talk about what it would be like to have lived in that reality, who were the people in the movie you connected with the most, what was surprising, what was scary? **Remember that movies always take some creative licence so consider reading the Biblical account ahead of time ... especially if you choose a Veggie Tales video.  

Sunday, August 6th - Drink the Living Water

Sunday, August 6th - Drink the Living Water

Ever felt so overwhelmed that you just needed to cry? Ever felt like you were so busy or filled with obligations that you just couldn't breathe? You're not alone, and it's not just an adult problem. Kids and teens today are facing incredible pressure to preform, to excel, to fit in, to stand out, to do it all. 

And it's exhausting. 

We were never meant to live that way. 

They should never have to live that way.

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Sunday, July 23rd - We Can Talk to God (Cell Phones)

Sunday, July 23rd - We Can Talk to God (Cell Phones)

This week week we'll use the image of a cell phone to talk about how prayer keeps us connected to God and it helps us figure out exactly where we are on the journey. Even if we get lost along the way God is always in connection with us - all we have to do is pray!

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